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Macron proposes expanding the military alliance with Brazil – DW – 03/27/2024

Macron proposes expanding the military alliance with Brazil – DW – 03/27/2024

Today, Wednesday (03/27/2024), on the second day of his official visit to Brazil, French President Emmanuel Macron proposed opening a new page on… Strategic partnership And in military cooperation between the two countries, which is not limited to the current construction of submarines and helicopters.

“I am here to celebrate 16 years of cooperation in submarine production, and I say that in the coming decades we want to move forward and launch more ambitious projects,” the French President and the Brazilian President said. Luiz Inacio Lula da SilvaThis was during the inauguration ceremony of the third submarine that was built within the framework of the bilateral cooperation program.

The contract that Brazil signed with the French state shipyards DCNS required an investment of R$40,000 million (about $8,163 million) and allowed for the construction of a modern submarine shipyard in the Itaguay Naval Complex, on the southern coast of Rio de state. Janeiro.

Macron He expressed his hope that Brazil could develop naval nuclear propulsion technology while “respecting all the most demanding safeguards obligations.” “In this scenario (guarantees for the peaceful use of nuclear energy), France will be on Brazil's side,” he said.

He stated that in addition to the submarines and helicopters produced by Airbus at a factory in the state of Minas Gerais, France wants to cooperate with Brazil in the production of other military equipment. “We want Brazil and France to be big and strong because the situation in the world worries us,” he added. This concern is also a pretext for a greater ambition (in cooperation) through which France and Brazil can cooperate in serving the world.”

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Minnesota (Efe, AFP)