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Lucerito Mijares finally spoke about a possible reconciliation between his parents

Lucerito Mijares finally spoke about a possible reconciliation between his parents

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Lucerto Megaris He became one of the most beloved young stars of the moment, Even though I don’t have a career as an artist officially He was able to show his talent in a short collaboration with his parents Lucero and Megaris At some concerts.

Their parents’ chemistry on stage sparked various rumors about a possible reconciliation between them, which is why their last meeting with the press The 17-year-old was asked if it was true that there was something more than friendship and affection between her parents.

Between laughter and a unique sense of humor that characterizes it, Lucerto Megaris He flatly denied that his parents could ever be together as a married couple again.

“Na… Numan… Damn it!. Yes, it is indeed a very charged gossip,” She said the minor, accompanied by her mother, in her last meeting with the press.

Lucerito Mijares reacts with humor to rumors of a reconciliation between his parents Image: Instagram @despiertamerica

Meanwhile, when request to bright Star On how to get close with Mijares to be able to cooperate together At “Siempre Amigos,” their live-streamed concert last year, where the idea of ​​inviting their talented children to be a part of the project came from, he said:

“At the end of the day, during the pandemic it was time Mejaris and I started agreeing to be streaming precisely because it was the easiest way to be close to the audience. Then there we invited this girl to sing two songs, fortunately she said yes,” he recalled with a laugh.

Lucero and Megaris at the Concert “Always Friends”
Photo: Instagram

Finally, when asked if he plans to remarry his current partner Michelle Curie, “America’s Bride,” he said: “I have already been married once and we are already happy, happy, eternal friends.”

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An answer her daughter backed up by saying, and telling her not to do it anymore: “No, not anymore,” she stated.

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