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Location Sharing on Google Maps: How to do it step by step

Location Sharing on Google Maps: How to do it step by step

Many people have no idea that they are capable of this Share your location on Google Maps in various ways, with the intent of guiding others directly to where they are. This is a widely used option in WhatsApp, but that’s it It can also be used in other applications with excellent results. In such cases, said site can even be programmed for added security, making it available only for a certain period.

Between drivers, these alternatives are very useful, especially on joint trips, to be able to stay in touch at all times and Being able to determine the best rendezvous route in case you get lost from the rest of the group.

Google Maps allows location sharing in different ways.
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Step by Step: How to Share Location on Google Maps?

Wherever you are, anyone with a smartphone connected to the internet can do it Share your location on Google Maps By following one of the options below:

from the Google Maps application

1. Go to the Google Maps app. If you don’t have it, download it from iStore or Google Play.
2. Once logged in, Click on the profile picture that appears in the upper right corner.
3. When the menu is displayed, select “share location”. The application offers several options:
– Share for an hour, which is the default.
Share until you turn off the option.
– Share at the configured time (using the + and – buttons).
4. Once you select that desired option, Choose how the location will be shared: text messages, Messenger (Facebook), Telegram, Google chat, Gmail, Instagram or any other application.

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From WhatsApp, you can also share the location through Google Maps.
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from WhatsApp

1. Go to WhatsApp and Open the chat of the person you want to send the location to.
2. In the dialog box at the bottom of the screen, Click on the click icon To access delivery options other than the written message. It is the same option used to send photos.
3. All options will appear, Click on the site. The Google Maps map will open with other options.
4. You can choose one of the nearby landmarks (listed below) or You can click on the two main options:
Location in real time: which gives the exact location, but can change if the sender moves.
current location: It also provides the exact location, but keeps it even if the person moves.
5. By clicking on an option, The map will be instantly reflected in the chat That the other person is able to see it completely if they click on it. Through this map you can get exact route and directions to reach the destination.

For drivers, these options can be very useful given that Google Maps can give directions by voicebecoming an ideal assistant on the road as it avoids having to leave the steering wheel to deal with the phone.

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