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Lionel Messi's reign at Barcelona ends, declaring that he will not "continue his association" with the club

Lionel Messi’s reign at Barcelona ends, declaring that he will not “continue his association” with the club

Barcelona confirmed in a statement issued on social media that Lionel Messi will not continue to be “associated with the club”, “despite having reached an agreement and with the intention of signing a new contract, it will not be possible to formalize it due to economic conditions and structural obstacles.”

continuity Lionel Messi In Barcelona, ​​this Thursday became a “practically impossible” issue after a meeting that was supposed to be understood as a courtesy to the last parties’ closing of the agreement between the two parties led to an absolute break, which was confirmed a few hours later by the club, which attributed the end of Messi’s reign to “La Liga regulations” “.

The Argentine star arrived in Barcelona, ​​on Wednesday, awaiting contacts between his advisors and club executives, but he is now far from accepting the entity’s assumptions. The footballer’s father arrived late in the morning, while there was already a meeting in the offices where representatives of Barcelona began to understand that the difficulties in concluding the deal became impossible and in the early afternoon the matter was broken.

The notable key to explaining the unexpected result will be found, more than the economic conditions offered to Messi in his new contract, in the lack of a solid sporting project in his opinion, as well as several points of the contract that he did not. Acceptable understanding.

Despite the fact that in recent weeks a message of optimism has been sent from Barcelona, ​​expressed through the speeches of Joan Laporta himself, the player’s apparent coolness has always been maintained, noting that there is still a lot “still” to be discussed and decided . . Waiting for the club to match Leo’s salary with the necessary staff pay cut, he hoped to resolve the matter with a pending final meeting of the “small parties”… which ultimately turned out to be insurmountable disagreements.

Thus, a wonderful era in football not only in Spanish, but also in the world ends, with Messi’s departure towards a destination that everything points to Paris Saint-Germain.

With information from Moisés Llorens.