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Isaac Alarcón already played his first shot in the NFL

Isaac Alarcón already played his first shot in the NFL

Canton, Ohio /

mexican from Drnot cowboy He finally got to play his part first snaps In the NFL game after a year in International Player Path ProgramAnd Isaac Alarkoun You can be proud that your wait was worth it by debuting in the second quarter between Dallas Cowboys y Los Pittsburgh Steelers.

during the First Quarter from the party, The Mexican has not seen any work Since the offensive line that opened proceedings in Canton: Processing, ty-cystic; The Guardian, Conor Williams; Centre, Tyler Biadash; right guard Conor McGovern; And the right tackle, Lyle Collins.

It was the first Mexican shot until the Cowboys’ second attempt to score a field goal, in which they failed.

Later, in the Cowboys’ third offense, Isaac Alarkoun He took control of the left side of the line, stood up to open the space through which he ran NSico Dowdle and generating the most rushing yards in the first half.

Isaac Alarcón opened the second half And despite the fact that it ended with 3 plays and a sack, the Mexican correctly covered the individuals who meet him.

Isaac Alarcón will have more chances to get a scope Place among the main menu Or at least one of the places in training squad during the 3 upcoming pre-season games.

McCarthy commented on Alarcon’s talent

“Isaac has made great strides, if you think about where he was at this time last year. He did a great job. I don’t think there was a day at work that I didn’t show up with everything. “He’s been out there, every day, doing all kinds of work and we’re really seeing the results,” Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said.