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Libra – Sunday 13 June 2021 | Libra horoscopes

This is because the Scorpio sign is the one that is placed in your first house and as such you become more reserved and wiser than you are with him because you have a lot of sensitivity inside of you that you want to protect and not with anyone you are. Going for openness and honesty.

Today’s forecast.
Your third house in Capricorn with Pluto having simplicity and practicality in your language will require you to change the way you communicate to be more open and sincere without having to embellish too much of what you say; Simplicity and ease of understanding will be everything to you and the ability to reach others effectively.

the love.
Your fifth house in Pisces with Neptune on it will give you moments of pleasure that are closely related to the subtle worlds, magic and spirituality, so you can enjoy yoga, meditation, Reiki or simply go to nature and enjoy its grandeur. It will fill your heart with love and sweetness.


Your sixth house in Aries in health matters tells us that if you do not take care of these impulses, you may get into trouble or cause yourself inconvenience or unnecessary accidents, because your emotions become somewhat out of control and irritable and if you do not control yourself you can hurt yourself internally Or cause harm to others with your actions or words.

Expecting partner.
Uranus in Taurus for your seventh house will give you a great ability to create future plans where through the hard work of both you will be able to gradually realize dreams and projects that have seen something that is difficult to achieve on your own but together it will be easier and faster to reach them.

Sagittarius in your house 2 will give you wisdom and very good insight to see opportunities where others do not find them and this will help you to be able to embody your money and profits a lot.

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sexual energy: very good.

Love: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
Friendship: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Action: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Tip of the Day.
The twelfth house with Fortune on your sign will allow you to be a very connected person and that through communication you can create a mirror between yourself and others that will allow you to know yourself and improve yourself, where others are a reflection of who you are.