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Letters addressed to Danilo Medina via his brother Alexis

Letters addressed to Danilo Medina via his brother Alexis

the Public Prosecution Indicates that they have been found cards Addressed to the former President of the Republic Danilo Medina, via Alexis Medina, where various hospitals were required to be supplied, for which equipment tenders were then awarded to the companies of the brother of the former president.

Charges are launched against those involved in the network Antipulpo . operation It states that on January 17, 2013, the file José Maria Cabral Y Paiz Regional University Hospital From Santiago sent communication Directed to Danilo Medina, via Alexis MedinaIn reference to the need for ventilators for the intensive care unit.

Prosecutor’s document also indicates that another communication From the transferred health center, addressed to the former president and indicates the center’s needs in terms of equipment and materials.

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In addition, she indicates that they have found two jobs from the same health center that require the needs of ventilators for the intensive care unit in the center, through Alexis MedinaAnd “With which we test the influence of the accused Juan Alexis Medina Sanchez, who used to get economic benefits through public contracts in the health sector, as well as other circumstances of the case.”

According to the Republic’s Prosecutor’s Office, they found two officials Provincial Hospital Dr. Toribio Pincosmi s Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance About the needs of medical supplies and equipment, attached is a list of needs and motives for requesting an emergency area for children.

The Public Prosecution confirms that the accused Juan has influence Alexis Medina Sanchez to obtain economic benefits through public contracting in the health sector.

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