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Leopoldo Lopez met with the mayor of Guayaquil before Laso's inauguration as President of Ecuador

Leopoldo Lopez met with the mayor of Guayaquil before Laso’s inauguration as President of Ecuador

Mayor of Guayaquil, Cynthia Vitry and Leopoldo Lopez

Discount Leopoldo Lopez and the Mayor of the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil, Cynthia Vitry, met this Saturday before the inauguration of the new president of the Latin American state, Guillermo Laso, Which will be held next Monday and talked about the situation in Venezuela and the situation of Venezuelans who immigrated to the neighboring country.

“We in Guayaquil meet dozens of Venezuelans who continue to fight for freedom and democracy in Venezuela.”Leopoldo López shared it via his Twitter account. “There are already more than 7 million Venezuelans who have been forced to leave our land, not because we wanted it but because we did.” She added.

Besides this message, the opponent shared that in his meeting with Viteri he addressed issues such as “The humanitarian and social crisis facing Venezuela, political prisoners, and the ongoing violation of the human rights of all Venezuelans.”. For his part, Viteri also posted a message about this meeting on his Twitter account and assured that Venezuela “will always have our support in whatever they need.”

“There are more than seven million Venezuelans outside their country because of the government of Nicolás Maduro, and from Guayaquil we support them with shelters and municipal programs.”, The Ecuadorian city mayor confirmed.

Specific, Lopez highlighted “the importance of regularizing the status of nearly 500,000 Ecuadorians and recognizing the expired passports and documents of our diaspora.”

In this sense, Vetteri mentioned it in this meeting “He knew of the measures they would take before the International Criminal Court, where he would be suing for crimes against humanity.”

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On the other hand, Lopez thanked for this support and was called up when four years ago Vettieri tried to visit the opponent at Ramo Verde.. He added, “They did not allow her to enter, in addition to attacking and deporting her.”

Cynthia Vitry and Leopoldo Lopez
Cynthia Vitry and Leopoldo Lopez

Finally, Lopez seized the opportunity to obtain “international support from democratic governments for the National Salvation Agreement”.

Prior to this meeting, Leopoldo Lopez arrived in Quito where he declared, “For us the most important thing in this visit is to be able to speak on behalf of the 500,000 Venezuelans who are here, and to request the support of President Guillermo Lasso, from his government.”, According to El Universo newspaper.

A few weeks ago, opposition leader Juan Guaidó proposed the National Salvation Agreement as a “road map” that ends with “free” presidential and parliamentary elections, whose main catalyst will be the dialogue process with international oversight. .

For his part, Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro, although he initially emphasized that Guaidó sought dialogue because he was “isolated and defeated,” initially ruling out any potential negotiations, said later that he was “ready” to meet with the opposition and do so with the support of the European Union, Norway and a group Connection.

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