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La Jornada – Sheinbaum meets with members of the US Republican Congress

La Jornada – Sheinbaum meets with members of the US Republican Congress

Mexico City. Claudia Sheinbaum, Morena's presidential candidate, met with Republican members of the US Congress this Monday, including US Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar, with whom Morena spoke about the future of relations between the two. Countries.

“I appreciate the invitation to speak with Ambassador Ken Salazar and Congressmen Tony Gonzalez, Randy Weber and Michael McCall about the future of relations between Mexico and the United States,” Morenista said on social networks with a photo with the congressman. and the ambassador of a neighboring country.

Although Salazar did not elaborate on the topics they discussed, he said Sunday that it was “an honor to have these members of Congress and the representatives of the United States Congress who will be with them in Mexico City.” “Members of Congress better pay attention to US-Mexico relations,” he added on his X (Twitter) account.

On this day without public events, the brunette aired one more episode of her podcast, “We Climb Up”, in which she talks to Nancy Tapia, chemist and mother, who climbed the wall to climb it. Utopia at Dezondly Park, Istabalaba.

In an exchange of questions about her life, Scheinbaum asked Pardo if Tapia would change any decisions she made in her youth, to which she replied: “I don't think so. I'm happy and content with my life,” though she clarified, “There are always mistakes that one makes.” But they help you too.”

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