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Korea Police: "lost a defender today"

Korea Police: “lost a defender today”

Multi-use caller, Aquiles Correa, stated on his Twitter account that he is on the verge of “failing with PN managers at ABB Where Correa”, after experiencing a moment of abuse at a nightlife establishment.

“If it’s so effective, how come there are so many nipples? PoliciaRD just attacked the loafers we meet. It’s 9:09 am from trucks and vans. It’s shut down. They’re passing by.”

He said that the police receive money from companies so that they can continue operating during curfew hours.

Correa condemned the presence of many “uniformed criminals”. Today I met many. ”

“I’ve always been a defender of PoliciaRD, but how much damage the bad guys do. I warn you: I’ve lost a defender today. I’m not going to be an enemy, I’m not a blackmailer, but let someone else defend them,” the actor added as well.

He said it was very good to be effective with people who comply, in the hope that this would reduce the number of videos being posted on the “teteos” networks.

With information from The New Journal