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Mariana Swan talking to Juan Gabriel 'She's always showing up'

Mariana Swan talking to Juan Gabriel ‘She’s always showing up’

singer , Mariana SiwanI recently addressed a topic Juan Gabriel He caused a lot of controversy upon arrival at the Mexico City airport, as the media approached him.

In the middle of the memory of your friend and colleague’s funeral, Juan Gabrielsinger Mariana Sioni, surprised members of the press by assuring that the spirit of “Divo de Juárez” often manifests itself to him.

A few days after commemorating the fifth anniversary of Mexican singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel, Mariana Siwan Shares chilling discoveries about the legendary composer.

I get such a feeling that I always miss him so much all the time and it seems like it will be a date when he leaves, but I prefer to remember him all the time at all times, which I do, and such incidents, he said during his meeting with the press.

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Although the memory of Juan Gabriel Present to all her fans, translator”I was wrong‘, until Alberto Aguilera Valades visits her from abroad.

It always unfolds, says the Mexican actress and singer, especially since this will happen a few days after the Mexican singer-songwriter’s fifth anniversary.

Mariana Alejandra Siwan Garcia, Mexican actress and singer who shared her relationship with a translatorDear“He was so powerful that even though he left this world a few years ago, he continues to communicate with her.

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In a lot of ways, I don’t know how to explain to you, for example, I can put songs about him and suddenly those things that probably say, “What 3stup! D3z!” , There are people who think so, but no way, for me I do not care, pointed out.

He also adds that in some things in everyday life he was able to feel his presence.

Suddenly a hummingbird or suddenly something I know, it’s like… It’s things you know and apart from it, you are with your loved ones who have left you, there are always appearances of your loved one, he said.

Juan Gabriel was a Mexican singer-songwriter, composer, producer, musician, philanthropist, and actor, originally from Baracaro, Michoacán, leaving, on August 28, 2016 in Santa Monica, California, in the United States has been surrounded so far by various controversies, between some close associates who confirmed “He’s alive!”

Similarly, the series’ character, Seoane García, 45, was questioned about another case when the lawsuit was brought up that currently involves Jose Manuel Figueroa, who has been accused of agr3s! 0nes by his former romantic partner.

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Asked for her opinion, the 45-year-old actress repeated to the press that “even though he was her friend,” “the truth is I didn’t know that part of him,” the TV actress chose not to express her opinion. anymore, who comments, “What I knew about him was a man,” he said.