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Kishla Rodriguez’s body found in Puerto Rico.  Investigation of boxer Felix Verdigo |  Telemundo

Kishla Rodriguez’s body found in Puerto Rico. Investigation of boxer Felix Verdigo | Telemundo

Boxer Felix Verdigo surrendered to federal authorities on Sunday after the body of his ex-girlfriend was discovered. Kishla Rodriguez, who has been missing in Puerto Rico for days.

The attorney general’s office announced Sunday night that Verdigo is accused of kidnapping and car theft, which resulted in the deliberate killing and death of a child in his mother’s unborn baby.

In a criminal complaint filed by the FBI, Verdigo is indicted Kishla Rodriguez hit him in the face and injected an unidentified substance with a syringe I got it from a public housing complex.

The document itself ensures that it assesses whether the death penalty is required as punishment for the accused.

Felix Verdigo Boxer in File Photo.Telemundo Puerto Rico

According to the indictment, Verdigo tied the victim’s hands and feet at a later time and tied a heavy mass to it before throwing it over the bridge at 8:30 am Thursday.

Later, the boxer shot Rodriguez from the bridge, according to the complaint.

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The document includes this SeeThat have not been identified, Verdejo helped kidnap and assassinate Rodriguez.

The Institute of Forensic Sciences in Puerto Rico confirmed on Sunday that the body was found in San Jose Lake Corresponds to Keishla RodríguezThe young woman, who was reported missing on Thursday, is on the island.

Around two o’clock in the morning on Saturday, the Rodriguez family received a phone call They were informed of the discovery of the body of a woman in her twenties Blonde hair and diamond tattoos on her neck near Teodoro Moscoso Bridge. Soon after, the young woman’s car, a Kia Forte, was reportedly discovered in the municipality of Canovana. Telemundo Puerto Rico.

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Local authorities suspect Verdigo, with whom the young woman has had an affair for 11 years; According to her family, Rodriguez was pregnant, and the boxer allegedly threatened her with a miscarriage.

The deceased young woman’s mother, Kela Ortiz Rivera, told Noticias Telemundo that when her daughter’s body has yet to be found, she believes the boxer knows what happened. He said, “Let him speak and say he knows. He knows I know. Let him speak.”

Last night, the police went to the home of the boxer’s mother, where they arrested him Dodge Durango pickup The black that is supposed to be his. The car was reportedly captured by security cameras near Teodoro Moscoso Bridge on Thursday.

Police Commissioner Antonio Lopez said, “I ask Félix Verdejo, through these means, to cooperate with the investigation. Based on the fact that you have known this young woman for 11 years.” At a press conferenceBefore it is delivered.

This Sunday, the police confirmed this He already has a “suspect” In this case, it did not add further details, according to El Nuevo Día.

It was held through social networks This Sunday’s demonstration Protesting the death of the young woman and another woman, Andrea Ruiz Costas: “We are the cry of those who are no longer here. Today we will take to the streets for all the sisters who were robbed of us. We demand work, our lives depend on it.”

The former partner of Costas, Miguel Ocasio Santiago, was arrested on Saturday for the murder of the 35-year-old woman.

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In January, the Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluese, decreed An emergency situation due to violence dAnd sex Because of the dangerous situation that women live on on the island.

With information from Telemundo Puerto RicoAnd the New day.