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Kevin Durant on Steph Curry: “He's the best in history”

Kevin Durant on Steph Curry: “He's the best in history”

In NBA basketball, there will always be an eternal debate about who is the best player of all time. In conversation nouns are always repeated Michael Jordan, LeBron James or even Stephen Curry himself.

“(Curry) is the best in history at his position and one of the five greatest of all time.”Kevin Durant said.

There is no doubt that the forward Phoenix Suns, Kevin Durant remains one of the league's greatest advocates Today, therefore, his words always cause reverberations in the NBA environment.

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry formed a fearsome tandem between 2016 and 2019, leading the Golden State Warriors to two championship rings and three NBA Finals appearances. In the same number of campaigns. Durant witnessed firsthand the sporting conditions that created him Curry “Chef”. One of the historical references and also his role as a three-point shooter.

Durant took some time to praise the circumstances of his former teammate Steph Curry, after the Warriors leader decided on a hat-trick His team won 113-112 over the Suns in the final seconds; TV cameras focused on their disbelieving reactions every time Curry managed to make a stunning basket..

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