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Julio Enrique invites you to live the fantasy with Christmas decorations

Julio Enrique invites you to live the fantasy with Christmas decorations

For interior designer and influencer Julio Enrique Gatesthe slogan for beautifying Puerto Rican homes this coming Christmas will be “more is more.”

The Puerto Rican, who came to visit the island from Florida, spoke with Primera Hora about the trends that will be at their best when it comes time to decorate homes for the long-awaited holiday season.

Gates explained that the concepts that will be popular to enter the “Christmas spirit” vary between the social phenomena that captured attention in 2023, as well as the return of more traditional elements that will help enjoy this special occasion.

Romantic concepts, where brightness and neutral colors are the protagonists, as well as rustic elements, in which wood stands out, will be in vogue this Christmas. (Nahira Montcourt)

“Barbiemania is taking over because pink is here to stay this year, even at Christmas. “But also a bold color like black, which people are a little intimidated by because people associate Christmas with red, green and gold, which never goes out of style, and white will be very present,” the makeup artist expressed.

Likewise, Gates emphasized that “rustic” items — or accessories made of wood — as well as “Nordic” trends (which he identifies with items made in… Leather, wool, cotton, linen or light wood), nutcrackers and stuffed animals will be sought-after items to bring life to Puerto Rican homes in the coming months.

“Many of the things seen in previous years have returned, and even incorporated types of flowers other than Easter flowers into these Christmas decorations, such as roses and magnolias. This year will break the norms of Christmas“, he stated, while insisting that he seeks, far from looking at specific trends, to divide the trends into “moods”, such as Romantic (for glamor lovers), Fun (for those who like big, ostentatious decorations), rural And traditional.

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For Julio Enrique, returning to Puerto Rico to share his knowledge of Christmas decorations fills him with great pride.
For Julio Enrique, returning to Puerto Rico to share his knowledge of Christmas decorations fills him with great pride. (Nahira Montcourt)

Meanwhile, in terms of exterior décor, Julio Enrique emphasized that “magical forests” and very large objects will remain essential to bring life to the peripheries of houses. Likewise, when it comes to lights, the brighter the better, and this trend is taken to a higher level if the bulbs are of high quality. Light emitting diode, or commonly known as LED, which reduces the use of electrical energy.

However, he called on the audience to “look for their decorations from previous years, buy what they want to use wisely, but use what they already have with them from previous years.”

Now, to ensure you have the best time beautifying your space, he suggested purchasing “some good tools,” including scissors, tweezers, a set of zip ties, and a measuring tape… “things you normally take out of a tool box.”

These trends and the latest concepts to beautify your home in the coming weeks will be part of “The Christmas Workshop,” a tour of workshops that Julio Enrique will be presenting for the first time in Puerto Rico starting October 15 at the Hyatt Hotel in Puerto Rico. Bayamon.

Through these workshops, along with having those interested purchase festive materials and tools, Gueits wants to lead Puerto Ricans to explore their creativity and look again at what they have stored in their homes to get into the holiday spirit.

“There you will be able to clarify all those doubts and gaps that you may have regarding Christmas. I will answer them side by side, be with you, and show you the little things you need to create that perfect tree. But not only that, but to empower all those girls and boys who want In starting their business, bring those techniques to flourish and bring the joy of Christmas.

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This “tour” will continue on October 22 at the Melia Hotel in Ponce and on October 29 at the Ventana del Mar Glamor Room in Rincon, all from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.