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Jose Torres challenges scientists and says that the sun is a ball of ice  News from Mexico

Jose Torres challenges scientists and says that the sun is a ball of ice News from Mexico

California.- Singer Jose Torres has expressed a surprising theory about the sun, saying that it is actually an ice ball and not a fireball.

In his statements, Torres challenges the common belief that the sun is a source of heat and light, arguing that, contrary to this perception, it is an enormous piece of ice.

According to Torres, this concept is based on the idea that just as a small piece of ice can burn the skin, a giant piece of the same material, fifty times larger than the Earth, would be able to generate heat.

Moreover, it indicates that the fact that we do not feel heat in… space This is because there is one side of the sun where the snow falls.

Although these claims challenge conventional scientific understanding, Torres defends his point of view, stating that his knowledge comes from… wisdom divine. Despite the criticism he may receive for his ideas, the singer is happy with the learning he has gained and his own apparent connection to this controversial solar theory.

What is the sun actually?

The Sun is a star, which is a hot, bright ball of gases, mainly composed of hydrogen and helium, which emit light and heat due to reactions Nuclear in depth.

The sun's energy is produced through the process of nuclear fusion in which hydrogen atoms combine to form helium, releasing massive amounts of energy in the process.

The temperature at the core of the Sun is approx 15 million degrees CelsiusThis allows nuclear reactions to occur. Light and heat generated in the core propagate toward the surface and then radiate out into space.

Picture of the solar system. Image: Pixabay

The sun is essential to sustain life LandBecause it provides the energy needed to maintain biological processes and maintain a suitable temperature on our planet. Moreover, the sun exerts a strong influence gravity In the solar system it keeps the planets, including Earth, in their orbits around it.

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