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Jose Eduardo Derbez: This is what is known about the alleged "robbery" of Eugenio Derbez's son |  celebrity |  nnda nnlt |  Mexico

Jose Eduardo Derbez: This is what is known about the alleged “robbery” of Eugenio Derbez’s son | celebrity | nnda nnlt | Mexico

He is the son of Victoria Ruffo and Eugenio Derbez, brother of also actors Fadir Derbez and Aislin Derbez and little Aitana Derbez, on the paternal side; Anwar Fayyad and Victoria Fayyad on the mother’s side. Jose Eduardo never had a normal childhood, which was marked by constant fighting between his parents, even after their separation.

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In fact, during the fifth episode of the second season of “”, a program in which Eugenio, his wife and their children visit a country and live in its culture, the famous comedian admitted in front of him the complex relationship that he had with the opera actress. According to the Mexican actor, he was not able to legally approach Jose Eduardo. However, Victoria Ruffo He denied those statements.

It is known that the relationship between the actors is not very good, but in the end they always agreed when it came to supporting their son. It was officially shown on Mexican television within the successful children’s program “ driven by his aunt Gabriella Ruffo When he was barely two months old. After that, he participated in other programs until he made a name for himself. right Now Jose Eduardo Derbez accused of theft Social media. what happened?

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The truth behind the cell phone stolen by Jose Eduardo Derbez

Apparently last weekend Jose Eduardo Derbez He went out for drinks with some friends, where he was Renato Francisband representative CNCO. The truth is that there are not many details of this meeting, because due to the current situation of the epidemic it should be banned, but Renato cruelly accused Jose Eduardo On social networks to steal his cell phone:

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Hi, how can you see that Jose Eduardo Derbez yesterday took my cell phone off the table “BY WRONG”. In very bad taste, your drunkenness, brother… Come on, your alcoholism isn’t great. If you don’t control it, don’t consume it friendsIt can be read in tweet save the programNo gossip not like‘, because the post is no longer available.

Jose Eduardo Derbez has been accused of being an alcoholic and a thief, but things don’t quite come out (Image: Instagram)

Both fans didn’t take a second This post is viral, but in a way Renato Perhaps he did not expect. The vast majority of responses state that it is a very rare event for a famous person to steal a cell phone, more than anything else because he doesn’t need to, defending Jose Eduardo which could have been a mistake.

Even those who think they did it on purpose, They question the actor from CNCO About posting it, he commented that he had to confront the comedian at the meeting and not wait for him to take out his cell phone to be able to do so. Another notorious. Anyway, as mentioned in the comments, Renato He’s the one who looks bad in front of everyone.

Jose Eduardo Derbez has not commented on the matter and is unlikely to (Image: Instagram)
Jose Eduardo Derbez has not commented on the matter and is unlikely to (Image: Instagram)

for this part, Jose Eduardo He did not make a statement about this, but showed on his social networks and in his program with his family that he has a pronounced taste for alcoholic beverages. Even on his personal Instagram account, he created a mini series called PartnerbeesWhere he conducts experiments that combine different drinks.

However, it is unlikely to be the situation reported Renato Francis mentioned by the actor. he is serious accusation, but it is likely that he privately admitted his mistake and agreed with the manager not to delay the issue any further so that both would remain without accusations from their respective fan groups.

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