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Joint training between Miguel Cabrera and José Iglesias

Joint training between Miguel Cabrera and José Iglesias

After his retirement, Miguel Cabrera He was more involved in his family and friends environment. He recently reunited with his great friend and former fellow midfielder Jose Iglesias.

The legendary Venezuelan hitter retired from the diamond during the season NBA 2024. The farewell party witnessed the sale of more than 41,000 tickets to attend the concert “last dance” in it Comerica Park From Detroit. Going back in time, in 2022, José Iglesias experienced Cabrera's undisputed three-thousandth milestone.advertisements

At that meeting on April 23, 2022, Colorado Rockies Visit DetroitAnd the person who got the historic ball was his friend, now an urban music singer. Both references MLBThey have strengthened their friendship over the years, supporting each other in each of their projects.

Miguel Cabrera and Jose Iglesias training together during the MLB season

For his part, the Cuban published a story from his personal page with the words “With my soul brother”As they were both training privately.

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After suspension of precedents, Miguel Cabrera She has ventured into other platforms like TikTok, where she shares dances and challenges with her children.