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Joe Biden denies Donald Trump’s use of his communications during the Capitol storm | Solidarity Political News

White House Joe Biden Announced that the House of Representatives could not block the request for information on the contacts Donald Trump On January 6 last, The day of the attack on the CapitolThis is because the former president considers it unfair to use the ‘administrative privilege’ of asking them to apply to keep it secret.

“The president has decided that he will not guarantee the executive offer for the first set of Trump White House documents provided to us by the National Archives,” Presidential Spokesman Jen Zaki said Friday.

“We will evaluate concession issues on a case-by-case basis, but the President has made it clear that he believes it is important for Congress and the American people to fully understand the events of the day. To prevent them from happening again,” he said. Biden’s spokesman.

Administrative privilege is the number used by the administration to protect contacts with presidential advisers and other top officials, without disclosing information that is detrimental to national security or state affairs.

Former President Trump’s legal team has moved to block some of the demands using the executive privilege, which allows presidents and their aides to avoid congressional scrutiny.

January 6 hearing

In this case, the Biden government hopes that Trump will have access to what happened inside the White House on January 6, while supporters of the former president attacked Capitoli, during which time the formal process of certifying e-results will be completed. Presidential Lessons November 2020 It gave victory to the Democratic candidate.

With this decision, the White House authorizes the handover to the National Archives Select Committee of the House of Representatives That chapter examines all official documents describing the actions and communications of the former president during the uprising against Congress.

The congressional hearing about that were exactly where the firing came from.

According to various media outlets, the National Archives has been providing information to the parties (Trump and current White House representatives) since September 8, citing sources familiar with the process.

According to NBC news, Trump representatives said the former president was said to be seeking to exercise executive rights in some documents, but the White House decided the offer was not fair to any of the items.