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Joe Biden and the Prime Minister of Japan are scheduled to meet at the White House today

Joe Biden and the Prime Minister of Japan are scheduled to meet at the White House today

Joe Biden, President of the United States

President of the United States, Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suu Kyi will send a “clear signal” to China during their bilateral meeting this Friday., This is the first time in more than half a century that its two countries mention Taiwan in a joint statement.

The meeting with Suu Kyi at the White House will be Biden’s first meeting with a foreign leader since taking office in January, and will focus on China and North Korea for the most part.

Neither the United States nor Japan is “trying to escalate tensions or provoke China, but at the same time try to send a clear signal of some of the actions it will take.” A senior U.S. official who requested to be named said at a telephone news conference in Beijing on Thursday.

At the end of the meeting there will be a reference to Taiwan in the joint statement issued by the two governments, which is not included in the statement of the US leaders. And Japan since it was signed in 1969 by Richard Nixon and Isaac Sato, confirming the evidence.

For the past half-century, Tokyo has avoided criticizing Chinese policy against Taiwan – which Beijing considers a rogue province, but not an independent country – and maintains important economic ties to avoid conflict with the Asian establishment.

The United States understands that Suka should be “careful” in that sense, but that does not prevent the Taiwan issue from being part of this Friday’s “formal announcement” because both countries are interested in “maintaining peace and stability.” taiwanese waterExplained American origin.

Suu Kyi travels to the United States to meet Pita with a China-centric agenda
Suu Kyi travels to the United States to meet Pita with a China-centric agenda

Biden is deeply concerned about Taiwan’s issue, and on Thursday he sent a U.S. delegation there to consult on recent military maneuvers in Beijing and the recent incursion of Chinese aircraft into the Taiwanese Air Defense Identity Zone (ADIZ).

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The two leaders are expected to discuss China’s human rights abuses in Xinjiang and Hong Kong’s situation, but he said Pita understands that Suu Kyi “has a slightly different perspective” on the matter and will not pressure him to agree with her. Officer.

What else, Biden will have the opportunity to “change” the new US strategy towards North Korea with the help of the Japanese leader. He added that his team is now over and that Washington recently shared with Tokyo and Seoul.

Biden will also express his “concern” and “anguish” over the diplomatic friction between Japan and South Korea over the forced labor imposed on South Korean citizens during the Japanese occupation during World War II.

“Political Tensions We believe this is an obstacle to our ability to function effectively in Northeast Asia (our strategy).”, Referring to the source.

After the meeting, Suka announces significant commitment to work on 5G technology with the US worth $ 2 billion, According to the official.

He said it would also reveal “specific climate measures that would put Japan at the forefront” of global commitments by 2030.

When he arrives at the White House, Suka will have a “long meeting” with Biden alone to “get to know each other better”, followed by a meeting with the respective teams and a press conference.

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