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Jerez, the second most active city in the world in celebrating World Health Weekend

Jerez, the second most active city in the world in celebrating World Health Weekend

His presentation last Thursday left no room for doubt. Founder World Wellness WeekendThe Frenchman Jean-Guy de Gabriac, who visited Jerez, confirmed that last year our city was “second in Europe where the largest number of activities were held, this year 2023 Jerez is the third most active in the world”. A fact that was proven by the huge attendance this weekend in places such as Marj Chapin, Jerez Hotel, Place Infante School and others.

Juan Manuel Abucha, Ambassador of the Health and Well-Being Activities Program of the Province of Cádiz and Director of Natura Sabia, was the alma mater of this recognized success which was reflected in the overall 83 health centers that participated in Jerez Free with more than 110 activities, from Friday, September 15 to Sunday, September 17. In parallel, the seventh edition of World Wellness Weekend was held with great success on the same date in 6,000 locations in 147 countries around the world.

“Inspiration and Empowering people to make healthy choices “Enjoying an active lifestyle with family and friends is the essence of this program of free activities,” said Jean-Guy de Gabriac, noting that it is based on workshops, conferences, training, mindfulness, yoga, neurogymnastics, wellness tourism and Thai. -Chi sessions or shamanic healing ceremonies. The goal is to make this type of specialization known worldwide so that it becomes visible as alternative approaches to health care and well-being.

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