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Jamie Foxx's amazing recovery after his trip 'to hell'

Jamie Foxx's amazing recovery after his trip 'to hell'

They claim that Jamie Foxx is back to the same person he was before he was hospitalized in an emergency, in April 2023.

“I've been to hell and back,” Jamie Foxx admitted, after the horror of his life: On April 12, 2023, he had to be hospitalized due to a health problem. Today, almost a year after that incident, the actor has seen him fully recover. “He is literally back to how he was before,” said a witness from a recording of the TV show Beat Shazam, which the famous actor hosts with his daughter, Corinne, and is in its seventh season.

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According to People magazine, an attendee during the return of the FOX game show realized that Django Unchained protagonist and her ex-boyfriend Katie Holmes had his usual energy back. “He is very busy and is back to doing what he loves,” he revealed. “Jimmy hasn't missed a beat on Beat Shazam. He's literally back to how he was before,” he added with emotion.

Jimmy, 55, will take over his program after spending a season away. It was Nick Cannon who hosted the show during the recovery of artist Kelly Osbourne, who replaced Korine. “Jimmy and Corinne are the heart and soul of Beat Shazam,” Fox Entertainment CEO Alison Wallach explained in a statement last month. “Our dynamic father-daughter hosting team brings a bond like no other to a unique show and it's great to have them back on set this season,” he added.

Beat Shazam is a music competition where participants try to identify hit songs and thus win a million dollars. So far, the series has raked in more than $10 million in six seasons. In addition to serving as host, Fox, 56, is one of the executive producers.

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Your health is a mystery about to be revealed

While he still hasn't explained exactly what happened to him a year ago that led to him spending time in the hospital, Fox said at the AAFCA Awards last month that he would share the full story in a comedy special. In this context, a person close to the actor explained to People magazine that at the moment “he is very busy, happy and strong.” “Now he is passionate about work, living a clean and healthy lifestyle. Jimmy is a social guy, he loves to be with his friends and has to be busy doing all sorts of different things. “He is a real entrepreneur and has new projects in the pipeline all the time,” he added.

In addition to his return to television, Fox is involved in several soon-to-be-released film productions, such as the Netflix film Back in Action, a spy thriller in which he shares the bill with Cameron Diaz. While filming this particular production, Foxx had to be urgently taken to the hospital. The reasons for hospitalization were not entirely clear. The actor himself, who a few weeks after his acceptance shared a message of gratitude via social networks, was also ambiguous about the reasons: “I went through something that I thought would never happen.” “I have been down to hell and back,” he warned.

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