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Jaime Bailey: Buckell "hoarded ambassadors who did not return"

Jaime Bailey: Buckell “hoarded ambassadors who did not return”

The Peruvian journalist vehemently questioned Buckle’s actions in front of the embassy justifying the blow to the Supreme Court. “He has the charm of a viper,” Bailey said.

In his most recent television program, Jaime Bailey, a well-known journalist and Miami-based Peruvian descent, vehemently questioned the recent events in El Salvador, particularly the plot by the Office of the Attorney General and the Attorney General’s Office to justify the facts to the Supreme Court by pro-government representatives. attempts.

In his analysis, Bailey presents harsh criticism of the President of Salvador, and buckle gains support and fame among the people, while at the same time he agrees to ignore the country’s constitution.

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However, he confirms that Buckell’s acting is very bad, especially since it looks like “what the Savists did from the right (in Venezuela)”, that is, they took over the companies of the companies. State Powers.

Similarly, Bailey referred to Bukel’s meeting with recognized diplomats in the country last Monday, and the Peruvian journalist questioned the president’s action in calling on ambassadors to punish their governments for the political and institutional crisis. It was developed in El Salvador.

“He does not want to be criticized. He is three steps away from expelling all the ambassadors who have criticized the government,” Bailey said, adding that the fact that Bukel had delivered speeches to diplomatic representation was “irrelevant”.

In addition, he adds: “You can not have such thin skin when faced with criticism. (1) If the Attorney General and the Magistrates of the Constitution Room are charged, what do you want? Do you appreciate the United States and the European Union?”

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Bailey was harsh in his words, confirming that Buckell behaves like a dictator and an “boss” while at the same time confirming that the world’s democracies have delivered a message of respect for institutions.

In addition, he personally said that Bukele was not to his liking. “He has the charm of a viper,” Bailey says before declaring that the President of Salvador “has no culture or wisdom of a politician” because his actions are advanced.

The journalist also described Buckley’s arguments to the embassy to justify the dismissal of the attorney general and the judge of the Supreme Court’s constitutional chamber as “nonsense.” “He should understand that they called him to order because he behaved badly (…) He turns off the alarms,” ​​Bailey points out.

The presenter pointed out that Buckell had “ambushed the ambassadors” and for that reason, they would never meet him again.

“For some reason he was not a representative of the United States,” Bailey says, adding that the country did not respect Buckell’s actions in promising a private meeting, but aired a day later on the national network.

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If they decide to broadcast their meeting with Buckley as a national network, Several ambassadors in El Salvador have questioned the move And, in fact, French Ambassador Fran பிரான்ois Bonnet said it was “a surprise” to see the crowd on national television. To try to justify the conspiracy, Buckell tried to deceive the public by broadcasting a live meeting of diplomatic troops a day earlier.

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For his part, Bailey concluded that no one can concentrate power in a democracy, so there are counter-protests, and no one can trample on others. “It’s very hard to see what Buckell is doing,” the Peruvian journalist said.