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“It was a very beautiful relationship.”

“It was a very beautiful relationship.”

(CNN in Spanish) — Rao Alejandro spoke for the first time about his romantic breakup with Rosalía and described their relationship as “positive” and free of “anything toxic.” In an interview published on YouTube on the Chente Ydrach channelThe singer confirmed that he had a “strong summer” when news of their separation spread.

“Our relationship was very positive. There was nothing toxic. Very nice,” he said. Additionally, he expressed his frustration after learning about infidelity rumors that surfaced after the breakup.

“We continued like this for four years, as if nothing had happened, and no negative news had ever come out, about infidelity or anything else. When news of us (the breakup) came out — which neither of us wanted — they (the media) said it in a way that was open to speculation. The next day, 30 pieces of news came out.”

“Obviously, yes, I was a little frustrated because it's the life of an artist, the life of show business. But there's the personal life too. People also find it difficult to separate Rao Alejandro from Raúl. It's been a strange summer.” “It's been a strong summer,” the artist added.

Rosalía and Rao Alejandro had a romantic relationship for about three years. In March 2023, they announced their engagement through the video “Beso”, their first video together. Some time later they presented a three-song EP – one for each year of dating – titled “R.R“.

At the end of July 2023, the magazine People in Spanish Exclusive sources reported that the relationship had ended.

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Shortly after, Rao Alejandro confirmed the news through a message he posted on his Instagram stories, in which he confirmed that the end of his engagement with the Spanish singer was not due to “marital infidelity” or “because of third parties.”

“Yes, a few months ago, Rosie and I ended our engagement,” Rao Alejandro wrote in July 2023. “There are thousands of problems that could cause a breakup, but in our case it was not the fault of third parties or betrayal.”

For her part, Rosalia wrote on her Instagram account: “I love, respect, and admire Raul very much. Not even movies, we know what we went through.”