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The real tragedies of the "Exorcist"

The real tragedies of the “Exorcist”

Linda Blair and her character in The Exorcist. Written by La Nacion

Years pass and the exorcist continues to terrify… and after that a sequel. It’s a new chapter of the horrific saga that links directly to the 1973 movie and takes on the story from that ending. This was confirmed by Producer Jason Blum to Specialized Medium Den of Geek. Blum is the president of horror film production company Blumhouse, which hired David Gordon Green to direct the new project due to his work on the Halloween 2018 movie.

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The strategy, used for Halloween, is to put all the sequels and prequels aside and take the story from where the first movie left it. I think skeptics will be pleasantly surprised. We had a lot on Halloween and David shut their mouths at them. Bloom confirmed that he would do the same with The Exorcist.”

The new installment is expected to premiere in 2023 with the fiftieth anniversary of its first, whose filming involved a series of terrifying events. For example, before the start of filming, a fire broke out on the site, which killed three workers. During post-production, two actors who had been involved in the film died; During all the filming, strange sounds and shadows were heard in the dark.

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The Exorcist is an adaptation of William Peter Blatty’s bestselling novel, which marked a turning point in horror films. Platty wrote the script and produced the film, while director William Friedkin – Contact in France – turned it into a global success bringing in more than $82 million on an initial budget of $10 million.

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