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Is this the most annoying webcam?

Is this the most annoying webcam?

Nobody really knows what Marc Tessier was thinking when he created this “attractive” Eyecam, which many consider one of the most disturbing things.

This device is shaped like a human eye and can be installed on the front of the computer. The Webcam It also looks left and right, and even blinks and tracks the faces of the participants in a video call.

Its realism can annoy many, because the camera faithfully reproduces some details about the features of the human body, such as wrinkles of the skin, eyebrow hair and even eye veins.

Its structure consists of three main parts: the skin layer, the musculoskeletal system, and the eyeball. Meanwhile, a small camera installed inside the pupil can record high-resolution images.

Its creator, Mark Teesser, commented: “When the Eyecam looks up, the upper eyelid opens wide while the lower lid is closed completely.”

“Eyecam can be independent and react on its own to external stimuli, such as having people in front of a camera.”

According to the developer, the goal of this unique camera is to invite us to think about technological advances, because now, according to him, we live in a community full of devices that make us every day more hypoallergenic.

“While webcams share the same purpose as the human eye – see – they are not expressive, they do not convey emotion as human eyes do. Through our gaze we can perceive happiness, anger, boredom or fatigue. Eyecam brings the emotional aspects of the eye back to the camera,” He says.

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