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Instagram has launched a new security feature to combat account hacking

Instagram has launched a new security feature to combat account hacking

Instagram launched a new security tool أداة

Instagram has launched a new Quick Security Check feature. The goal is to guide people whose accounts have been hacked and tell them the steps needed to secure them.

The main goal of a quick security check, or security check, is to “help people keep their Instagram accounts safe,” according to the company in a statement.

To help people whose accounts have been exposed, Steps to securing it include checking your login activity, reviewing your profile information, confirming which accounts are sharing your login information, and updating your contact information. To restore the account, as well as the phone number or email.

However, the social network reminded users that it has other security mechanisms in place, and recommended enabling two-step authentication through WhatsApp accounts or phone number, as well as updating the associated phone number and email.

How to enable two-step authentication

Two-step authentication is done from the app settings menu
Two-step authentication is done from the app settings menu

The second authentication factor consists of using a code as a second verification procedure. When you use this option, even when someone accesses your password, they won’t be able to get into the account because they’ll be asked for a second factor of authentication, a code received by SMS or by an authentication app like Authy or Google Authenticator, among other things. other things. In some cases, the same phone (device) can be used as a means of identity verification.

To activate this option in Instagram, you must go to Settings, then Security and “two-step authentication”, where you must choose, as mentioned above, how you want to receive this verification code.

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Other security measures to consider

Instagram has reminded users that it will not contact them via direct messages. The notice comes on the heels of an increase in recent months in malicious accounts sending messages directly to people asking them to provide confidential information, such as a username and password.

“When we discover these types of scams, we take action. However, we recommend that you report the content and block the account that sent you the message. In the past two months, we have sent notifications to the top of people’s inboxes alerting them to these messages,” the company said in a statement.

The social network only communicates with the user through the “Instagram emails” tab in the configuration section, which is the only place in the application where direct and authentic Instagram connections will be found.

Users also have the ability to report suspicious content and accounts, and the option to activate a login request to confirm that account accesses are coming from the owner.

For its part, Mailbox support has also added changes so that you can find the latest information on what’s happening with user complaints, or see if any of your posts violate the policies.

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