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InES Ciencia + Género announces the second edition of the pilot training program for researchers at USACH

InES Ciencia + Género announces the second edition of the pilot training program for researchers at USACH

With the aim of strengthening the leadership skills of researchers at the University of Santiago de Chile, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Creativity, through the InES Ciencia + Género project, announced the opening of registration for the second edition of the pilot training program for USACH researchers.

This initiative, which is being implemented in coordination with the University’s Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Medical Sciences, aims to enable researchers, academics and postgraduate students to expand their ability to influence and influence, and stimulate mutual collaboration. From the perspective of gender, human rights and respect for diversity.

Dr. Jorge Pávez Irazabal, Vice President of Research, Innovation and Creativity at the University of Santiago de Chile, emphasized that the importance of this program lies not only in the concrete opportunities it provides to female researchers, but also in its contribution to achieving equality. Gender in the academic and scientific field.

“We are very happy to start the pilot training program, after the successful first edition that we closed in March this year. This program not only provides practical tools for professional development, but also strengthens our relationships with the academic community, and in this sense, the support we have received from different faculties It is of great importance because it will allow us to diversify viewpoints in decision-making and contribute significantly to the advancement of research and innovation at our institution,” said Vice-Chancellor Pavese.

The training program began during November with an initial survey aimed at identifying strengths and areas for improvement in the interpersonal communication process with the aim of designing workshops tailored to meet the needs of researchers.

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“As in the first edition of the programme, we deemed it necessary to open a consultative space to identify interests and perceptions in the field, expressed by academics, researchers and graduate students themselves. This year we have added more faculties to participate and the aim is to be able to expand The scope of the program includes all areas of knowledge at the university,” explained Samanta Elgueta García, InES Ciencia + Género USACH project coordinator.

The initiative will continue throughout December 2023 with a preliminary session. While during January 2024, a keynote lecture will be held by Chilean lawyer, academic, researcher and politician Dr. Laura Albornoz Polman, followed by three training workshops focusing on developing leadership and communication skills specifically adapted to the academic environment.

Review the images left by the first version of the program.


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