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Increase the community work students of medical sciences in Cienfuegos

The epidemiological health situation faced by the Covid-19 pandemic is leading to community action and research activity, which consists of students from the University of Medical Sciences in Cienfuegos distributed in eight municipalities and health districts.

According to their residency, technologists and prospective physicians of all professions, who go out in pairs, use masks and nasopoks to avoid taking risks, and generally accompany the first year to a more advanced year in search of respiratory symptoms.

They should ask people questions in their homes or workplaces, always determine their physical distance, and promptly report the results to the offices of the family doctor and nurse, says Dean Dr. Alexis Diaz-Prieto.

“They visit between 40 and 50 homes, he says, so that the duo get to about a hundred places a day, and they have been well recorded in health districts and municipalities.”

“Now we’re including first-year students, and more purposefully, in appropriate explanations, because they’re new students and they have no prior experience with this kind of research. Every health district has teachers who are responsible for controlling.”

The results are seen with the at-risk patients they find and inform the family doctor to determine the diagnosis at the time of each case and thus close the transmission.

The community work they do in the morning, and many return in the afternoon to closed homes, although in this session the method of distance education is determined.

Mariamne Gutierrez, a first-year medical student, wears a uniform and is protected by a mask and mask, and believes we “take care of us so that we don’t get sick. Our teachers, our families, and the neighbors of the homes visited teach us.”

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“I go to a bunch of houses, and most of the residents, the elderly, when they see me know who I am. They treat me well and remind them of measures to combat Covid-19 in their homes or on the street. They shouldn’t remove Nasobuco on public roads or in front of others.”

“We are always more than a meter away from ourselves, with the public health protection afforded to students and teachers. We must take care of ourselves and stay at home.”

The College of Medical Sciences has enrolled more than 4,150 students in various categories.