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Immersive Córdoba: discover cultural spaces using virtual reality – Web de Noticias

Immersive Córdoba: discover cultural spaces using virtual reality – Web de Noticias

  • It is a project promoted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Agency for Culture of Córdoba and the Audiovisual Pole in collaboration with the technology company Darwfot.
  • Interventions have already been carried out in the design and digitization of the Museo Evita Palacio Ferreira and the National Academy of Sciences
  • The two experiments will be available on the website of the Ministry of Science and Technology, starting next Friday, September 8th

he The Ministry of Science and Technology next to Cordoba Cultural Agency and the Polo Audiovisoal, with the implementation of the project “Córdoba Immersiva: Arte y Culture”, a project designed to promote the digitization and development of the immersive tour of the different historical places in the city of Córdoba.

Thus, it seeks to strengthen the link between culture, knowledge generation spaces and new technologies. In this way, “Córdoba immersiva” has already implemented interventions, where the design has been made; Digitization and implementation of virtual reality experiences were carried out in conjunction with Darrofta company that is part of the Córdoba Blockchain Hub technology offering.

Each intervention is an open proposal for the community to enjoy a virtual reality experience, which includes visual tours, 3D experiences, and access to historical data.

Last April, Córdoba immersiva proposed the activity Evita Museum of the Ferreira PalaceTwo activities were carried out there. On the other hand, visitors were able to take various tours of the museum with guided tours. On the other hand, in the red room of the museum, they participated in the immersive experience using virtual reality glasses.

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The next activity will take place in Friday, September 8that the headquarters National Academy of Sciences It is located at 249 Vélez Sarsfield Street. The project “National Academy of Sciences” will be launched on the occasion of the 154th anniversary of the institution.

And in the place, tours of the place will be developed with guided tours at the same time as the immersive experience can be lived using virtual reality glasses.

Registration is open, places are limited and can be done here

Both experiences will then be available on the site The website of the Ministry of Science and Technology.