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IGJ will train professionals in economic sciences

IGJ will train professionals in economic sciences

It will be held in Rio Grande and Ushuaia on May 4 and 6, respectively; It will be dictated by the people of the said area.

The Inspectorate General of Justice, under the Department of Government, Justice and Human Rights, will provide training for economic science professionals in the province.

Sessions will take place on May 4 in Rio Grande and May 6 in Ushuaia at 2:00 pm. Both trainings will be offered at the headquarters of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences in each city respectively.

In this regard, the District Attorney, Diana Freiberger, stated that “From the IGJ and on a regular basis, we conduct courses and trainings for those who interact with the district, so that participants are made aware of the provisions created by the entity.”

He also said that the hearings will be presented by IGJ agents, Jose Diaz-Reviglio and Facundo Corugo, who will address the processing of Judgment 758/21, “which contains articles referring to digitally manageable procedures, procedures, formalities, and requirements. ; as well as electronic address certification.”

Another topic that will be developed is related to the presentation of financial statements in digital form, as it will depend on the formalities, the requirements for the accounting documentation to be in force, and finally the company’s documents related to the above-mentioned data.

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