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If you are an immigrant you will need these vaccinations to apply for your green card

If you are an immigrant you will need these vaccinations to apply for your green card

In the United States, a green card or permanent resident card allows its holder to live and work permanently in the country.

But, there are different categories for someone who is eligible to get a green card. So, everyone has specific requirements to get it.

In this sense, if someone is on a nonimmigrant visa, they can stay and apply for adjustment of status.

This procedure allows you to obtain legal permanent residency and a green card. But before applying for adjustment of status, an immigration petition must be filed in that person's name.

In addition, non-citizens applying for immigrant visas abroad must receive vaccinations to prevent a group of diseases. Likewise, those seeking to change their status to lawful permanent resident status while in the United States must be vaccinated.

What vaccinations are required for this procedure?

You should be vaccinated against colds; Measles; rubella; polio; Toxoids against tetanus and diphtheria; whooping cough; Haemophilus influenzae type B; Hepatitis B and Covid-19.

Likewise, they should be protected against any other disease with vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

If this is done by a non-citizen, they must undergo an immigration medical examination. The examination will be conducted by a team physician appointed by the US Department of State (DOS).

The person may have already been vaccinated with the required doses; If this happens, you don't need to repeat them.

Also, a licensed civilian doctor will review your vaccination records during the immigration medical examination.

This will be done to see if you have proof of the required vaccinations for your age-appropriate vaccine-preventable diseases.

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The most important thing here is that the person shows the written vaccination documents to an authorized civilian doctor while undergoing the immigration medical examination.