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'I Ruined My Job': A US Woman Was In A Meeting With Her Boss When She Had A Bold Question (VIDEO)

'I Ruined My Job': A US Woman Was In A Meeting With Her Boss When She Had A Bold Question (VIDEO)

America. She talked about a situation she had at her old job. Photo: Capture/@drunkmakeuptips.

A woman said she “ruined” her job at a company by asking a question during a work party. The story, which went viral on video, caught the attention of thousands.

By Clarion

The author of this story is a US citizen and is known on social media as @drunkmakeuptips. Years ago, according to his story, he experienced an embarrassing situation when he was a “junior” employee of a company.

One night during that time, he attended a festive gathering organized for the workers. “We went for a drink. I am a newbie, I joined only a month ago,” he clarified.

In the evening, the girl went with her companions. In turn, there were the Chairman, CEO (Managing Director) and CFO (Financial Director) of the company.

“I love active, interesting conversations. When talks 'get stuck', I tend to ask questions to get people talking,” clarified @drunkmakeuptips.

What did the girl ask?

One of the many questions the woman asks at meetings is, in her words, “What's the worst thing you've ever done in your life?”

“People generally do not respond truthfully to this slogan, they are not honest. It makes them laugh and it makes them uncomfortable. “This question seeks to know how much they are willing to reveal about themselves,” he said in this regard.

At one point at a work party, while sharing a conversation with her bosses, she asked, “What's the worst thing you've ever done in your life?” The woman had an idea to ask the question.

“Everyone was quiet. Soon, the CFO turned to me and replied, 'I wasn't there when my mother died.' Then she burst into tears. Later, other people started consoling her and looked at me disapprovingly,” she recalled.

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From that night on, the woman started having a “bad time” at her job. “I ruined my job with that one question. “I went through hell in the three years I stayed with the company,” he said.

After that experience, she never asked the same question again in meetings. “I was so young and naive,” she reflected.

The girl's video generated the interest of more than 80 thousand users. “It's never a good idea to ask a personal question in a work environment,” wrote one young woman. “Your question was a bit strange, but I don't think it's your fault that the CFO responded that way,” said another.


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