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Hugo Cancio expanded his car sales business from the United States to Cuba

Hugo Cancio expanded his car sales business from the United States to Cuba

Catabolic Company by Cuban-American writer Hugo Cancioone of the businessmen most closely associated with the Cuban regime’s leadership, launched a campaign Online store for the sale of trucks, motorcycles, agricultural and construction equipment It was announced at the beginning of August, as well as cars and minibuses starting last May.

Cancio’s business, growing from License from the US Department of Commerceintends to “facilitate the relationship with its customers” by launching “a A new web platform dedicated exclusively to the sale of this equipmentpublished by Digital Media in Cubaalso owned by the businessman.

The website lists the store with Detailed catalog of offered equipment and their prices.

the Truck prices for sale range from $36,000 to $62,000; a 56-seater bus, priced at $72,300; Car prices range from $16,800 for the 2018 Chevrolet Cruze to more than $47,000 for the 2023 Toyota Highlander L.

The supply of agricultural technology is deficient in agriculture such as Cuba, which has a very low level of technology, includes a wide range of harvesting equipment (cutters and shredders, hay and forage equipment, and seeders), as well as sprayers and applicators; farming tools; front loaders; farmers. chippers; harvesters. carriers; tipping trailers; electric fences; irrigation systems; plows. and even farm apparel and farm equipment parts and accessories, among a wide range.

The platform also provides contacts for teams in Havana or Miami for those wishing to schedule advance appointments and also information about costs associated with the export-import process, according to Cuban government regulations, published in OJ 16 exceptional On February 22, 2023.

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Once the terms of the transaction have been negotiated between Katapulk and the buyer, Payments will be made in dollars to Katapulk bank account. Payments corresponding to Cuban importing companies’ commissions, customs duties, etc. in MLC and Cuban pesos are made directly to these entities.

We offer the forms of administration that exist today in Cuba the possibility of acquiring specialized equipment for their activities. All this will positively contribute to their growth and productivity. “They are two major sectors of the economy, and we want to participate in them in this way,” Hugo Cancio said this month when announcing the expansion of his car import business.

Catabolic has become Cuba’s leading marketing company, wielding far more power than most state corporations.

The company undertakes wholesale and retail sale and distribution of food products, which it does through the online store of the same name; has a travel agency to Cuba; Manages phone recharges, as well as immigration procedures for Cubans and Americans in the United States.

Meanwhile, the Cuban government never ceases to complain that the deprivation suffered by its citizens is due to the “blockade” it imposes on its neighbor to the north.