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How will the stores in MLC operate during the holidays in Cuba?

How will the stores in MLC operate during the holidays in Cuba?

How will MLC stores in Cuba operate these holidays? If you are wondering about this, CIMEX SA Corporation communicated it through its social media profile and later expanded it Media The country, throughout the operating hours of its MLC and Cuban peso trading units, as well as service centers and gastronomic services for holidays and national celebrations.

According to the memorandum, the commercial network operating in the MLC will be closed on Monday, December 25 and Sunday, December 31, at two in the afternoon. As for the CUP network, only stores with goods awaiting delivery related to linking product cycles will be opened.

Monday 1 January There will be no service at either currency storewhich will resume its regular schedules starting January 2, 2024.

For its part, the service centers will continue to operate 24 hours a day to supply fuel, although the rest of the activities carried out in the facility will depend on the schedules determined by the activities.

The memo explains that the restaurant network will maintain its usual operating hours and offerings, and that they will be extended if necessary for these holidays.

Other stores in MLC

As for Caribe Stores, this is how things went, according to their announcement on social media.

“Dear customers, we inform you that due to the end-of-year holidays, our customer service hours will undergo some adjustments. We thank you for your understanding and wish you a happy holiday. We hope to continue to rely on your preferences and trust in the new year.

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This is how the opening hours of Caribe stores, most of whose spaces are sold in freely convertible currency (MLC), have remained. As a general rule, as we can see, no business entity will open on January 1st throughout the country. So, make last minute purchases, make them before the day.

This is how the stores remained on holiday