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How to travel from Chile to Havana in the summer of 2023?

How to travel from Chile to Havana in the summer of 2023?

The first thing you know, is that as of this moment there are no direct flights between any Chilean airport and “José Martí” in Havana. However, if you want to escape the South American winter and enjoy the warmth of the Caribbean, in Cuba, there are actually agencies in Chile that will take care of it.

According to Chilean media, Havana will “surprise you with its history, culture and natural beauty” and you will be able to enjoy its “colonial buildings, colorful vintage cars and infectious music”. All very poetic from the perspective of tourism sales. It also includes promotions for relaxing on “dream beaches with turquoise waters and soft sands”.

the radio And FM2 explained in an article that tickets for travel from Santiago de Chile to the Cuban capital, in August 2023, exceeded 836 thousand Chilean pesos, or more than a thousand dollars at the current exchange rate. In terms of hotels to choose and others, they specify that Booking.com or Trivago.com, both of which are platforms that specialize in the subject, can be a good choice for making the decision. At this link there are reviews about Varadero facilities. click here.

Flights from Chile to Cuba in 2023

A useful tip for organizing your trip from Chile to the Cuban capital is to use the Google Flights tool to compare different flight options and avoid potential scams. Although we tell you in advance that you have options nearby such as Copa Airlines or Aerolíneas Argentinas and Cubana de Aviación that connect from Buenos Aires to tourist destinations such as Cayo Coco and Havana.

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With Copa and the rest of these companies, you will always have to stop, since there are no direct flights. These choices can also be made backwards, that is, by Cubans interested in traveling to Chile, one of the countries with the best quality of life on the continent and where there is also a significant community of immigrants from the island.