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How to defeat the invisible enemy

How to defeat the invisible enemy

“Every time I try to relax, all the pending tasks come to my mind. “I feel so exhausted that I would rather get up and keep doing things.” Have you ever had that feeling of wanting to rest but feeling like your mind won’t let you? Marta told it this way in our sessions without knowing that, by wanting to reduce her mental load, she was accumulating even more exhaustion and fatigue.

What is burnout?

Mental exhaustion is caused by an overload of thoughts that imperceptibly accumulate so much stress that it exhausts and exhausts us. When we are not accustomed to letting our mind rest, let go and stop engaging in the constant flow of thoughts, it continues to have inexhaustible control of tasks. This is when we remain constantly anxious, active in multitasking, overthinking, and wanting to absorb everything that appears in our mental imagination. We overload ourselves to such an extent that far from increasing our effectiveness, we accumulate fatigue that impairs our attention and concentration. The invisible stress that detracts from us, not just efficiency, but health and well-being.

Can psychological fatigue be reduced?

It is important to keep in mind that our minds can be trained, they are plastic and we can continue to shape them. As Marta told us at the beginning of the article, we are able to increase our mental fatigue by paying attention to all the flow of thoughts we generate. But we also have to know that we can get out of it. We can redirect our attention to the present moment, so our mind can rest and return to calm. Organize yourself.

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We need to train to control our attention, make it conscious and redirect it to the situation or task we want. Otherwise we leave it far behind what the mental content brings us in its constant flow and, most likely, it will immerse you in a painful state, in a marathon of fears that inadvertently increase suffering.

This is how meditation helps

Can meditation help me feel refreshed and calm? With meditation we train our mind into calm states. A state from which we cultivate virtuous states that lead us to greater well-being. Feeling like you can direct your life towards the way you really want to live it is possible if you can establish the habit of meditation. A daily training dynamic that allows you to connect with yourself in a different way. Being aware of how your mind, body, emotions, and thoughts work will allow you to choose how to best deal with them. It will allow you to distinguish which behaviors will lead to mental overload and exhaustion, and which behaviors will help you spend your time with the quality and serenity you desire.

You can learn Train your mind With the meditation program that I share with you in the book “The Healing Power of Silence” (Grigalbo, 2023)where I share resources and tools that you can put into practice in your daily life, and understand how you can lighten your burdens suffering Transform your life by cultivating virtue and well-being. Additionally, each week I will share a guided meditation and meditations on psychology and mindfulness training where we can continue to share the path toward greater self-knowledge and inner development.

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Using tools from her book The Healing Power of Silence, psychologist Belén Colomina invites us to train the mind for a full and meaningful life.

You can find her every Sunday in her guided meditations and articles on ABC Bienestar.