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How many languages ​​does Eugenio Derbez speak?  Mexico |  MX |  |  Fame

How many languages ​​does Eugenio Derbez speak? Mexico | MX | | Fame

He is one of the most famous and loved Mexican comedians. His followers are always aware of his life and family with whom he starred on the reality show.’, where some details about the family clan emerged.

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The second season of “Traveling with the Derbys” premiered in May 2021, via Amazon Prime Video. It’s one of the actor and director’s hottest projects right now that has been well received, sweeping hits in its early days on the platform.

The second batch was developed in the United States, where the leader of the Derbez clan has been living for several years. In the episodes, as well as on the trip to Turkey in the first season, the famous actor’s mastery of languages ​​can be checked.

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How many languages ​​does Eugenio Derbez speak?

The protagonist of “La familia P. Luche” and “No refunds are accepted” speaks perfect English, as well as native Spanish. Although she lives in the United States, the language that is dominated by obligations at home is Spanish, and it is also spoken in Mexico. why?

At his home in Los Angeles, where he lives with his current partner Alessandra Rosaldo, with whom they have little Aitana, 7 years old, forbidden to speak English. The strange rule is that the Mexican actor and producer does not want the last of his four children to grow up listening to that language all the time and forgetting Spanish. That is why he asks his two oldest children, Jose Eduardo, Aiselen and Vader, to always speak to Aitana in the official language of Mexico.

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The little girl grew up in the United States listening to English all the time, on TV, on social media, and at school. That’s why Eugenio Derbez wants me to always keep Spanish in mind.

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Eugenio Derbez, Tender Aitana and Alessandra Rosaldo. (Photo: ederbez)

What are the unusual translations of Eugenio Derbez?

In an interview with the entertainment program “De Primera mano”, the hosts asked Eugenio Derbez to translate typical Mexican phrases into English, but the actor and director did not do it as expected, despite the fact that he speaks American to perfection. He could hardly translate well “Where I lay my eyes, I put the bullet in” and “Before you finish, don’t praise yourself.”

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