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How do you know if someone has spied on your WhatsApp?

How do you know if someone has spied on your WhatsApp?

Other people can access our WhatsApp through the web version. (Reuters)

Detecting if someone has entered our WhatsApp and viewed the messages that we have shared with other users is not a simple task, mainly because there is no function of the application that generates a direct alert in this style. But through some tricks it is possible to obtain information that gives us clues to a situation like this.

The Meta app has tools like read notifications, passwords to open the app, and login alerts, which are essential to know if someone is spying on our messages.

Signs of spying on WhatsApp

To find out if someone is watching our conversations in the app, we have to use multiple functions that will help us come to a conclusion closer to reality, although none of these tools will guarantee a final answer to the problem.

Unknown active sessions

Checking the active sessions associated with the account is one of the first options. In WhatsApp, you must go to Settings > Linked devices to review your active sessions and your last connection. If we find a session that we don't recognize, it can be deleted immediately and that would be an important red flag, because that would mean that someone is not only spying on our messages, but can also access the login.

Read messages:

Finding messages that were marked as read, but we never opened them, is an important sign of spying. This may indicate that someone has accessed the account from WhatsApp Web on a foreign computer and has not logged out or that at some point he took our cell phone and read the content.

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