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How do you know if someone has made a date on WhatsApp

How do you know if someone has made a date on WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows us to keep in touch with family, friends, colleagues, neighbors or acquaintances in a practical and instant way. Simply add it to your cell phone agenda to send a message, photo or video at any time.

However, there is also the risk of an unknown person adding you to their contact list without your knowledge, either through a group chat with several members or because someone else gave them your number.

Is there a way to find out? The answer is yes. For this reason, here we tell you how to find out if someone has added you on WhatsApp or if a known person has deleted you from their contact list without your knowledge.

If you are left with doubts about whether someone has added or deleted you from their contact list on WhatsApp, there is a function that will help you find out: broadcast lists. According to the app’s help center, this tool allows you to send the same message to many contacts simultaneously, avoiding the task of typing it over and over in each chat.

However, broadcast lists have a special advantage: only people who have added you to their contact list will receive your messages. In other words, if you are deleted for any reason, the message you are sending will never appear as delivered or read.

Likewise, you will select those you have selected without your knowledge and you can block them in case they are not recognized. To use broadcast lists, complete the following steps:


Enter WhatsApp, press the three dots in the upper right corner and select “New Broadcast”. After that, the application will open another screen with a list of contacts; Choose those who don’t have a name, photo, profile info, or just someone you’re curious about. Confirm your choice and send a test message.

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Wait half an hour or more, then enter the broadcast list chat again and press and hold on the message you sent; Scroll to the three dots in the upper right corner and tap on the “Info” option.

There you will see who has already read the message, who has reached it and who has not received it. People who have read or received it have added you to their contact list; If you don’t recognize someone, block them immediately and check their privacy settings.

Conversely, if they never get the message, they may not add you to their agenda. Also, the person may not be able to access the internet at that time or may not be very active on WhatsApp.


Open WhatsApp, go to the Chats section, select “Broadcast Lists” at the top left of the screen and hit “New List”. In this way, the contact book will be displayed; Choose people you don’t know, who don’t show their name, photo, profile info or who you’re curious about.

When you’re done selecting it, click Create in the upper right corner of the screen. Later, send a test message to members of your mailing list; Wait for at least half an hour and enter the chat menu again.

Tap and hold your message until the “Info” option appears. Select it and you will see your contacts who have already read it, those who received it and those who did not.

As in the case of Android, people who have already read or received your message have added them to their WhatsApp contacts. If you don’t recognize someone, block them immediately and check your privacy settings; This way, you will know what information he was able to see while you were scheduling.

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On the other hand, if your message didn’t reach one or more people in your distribution list, it’s possible that you haven’t added them to their contacts. Other possibilities are that you don’t have internet on your cell phone or you don’t use WhatsApp much. To check it, wait more hours and even days; If he hasn’t received it yet, you are not in his contact book.

Enhance your privacy

Privacy settings are necessary so that anonymous people who have your number in their phone book do not see your personal data from your account, such as your photo, last time online, or status updates.

So that your information is protected and only available to your contacts, the WhatsApp Help Center indicates the following steps: On Android, enter the application, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, then go to Settings > Account > Privacy.

In the case of iOS devices, open WhatsApp, go to the “Settings” section at the bottom right of the screen, and then to Account > Privacy.

From this point on, the procedure is the same in both operating systems. Determine who last saw you online, your photo, profile information, statuses, read receipts, and your location in real time. You can make it public, visible only to your contacts or only to you.

Follow these tips so you know if an unknown person is observing your data without you noticing it or if a close person has deleted you from their agenda.


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