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How Carlos Alcantara met his wife, Josie Lindley, details of their love story |  celebrity |  Peru |  nnda nnlt |  eye width

How Carlos Alcantara met his wife, Josie Lindley, details of their love story | celebrity | Peru | nnda nnlt | eye width

the actor Or also known as “Kashin”, he has a long history in the world of acting, having run in shows like “Bataklon” and even being the hero of several films, not to mention the various one-man stage jobs.

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He was born in the Mirones neighborhood unit in Sarcado de Lima on November 12, 1964. His mother is Isabel Villar. His initial studies were done at Santísima Trinidad Parish, while his secondary studies were at Hipólito Unanue National School.

The actor is distinguished by being a person associated with the field of humor and for many years has been recognized as a famous “Machín”, in honor of the character he played on the show “Bataklon”.

But he not only knew how to act as an actor, but also as a producer of films like ¡Asu mare! , a production that during 2015 was the most watched nationwide.

He is currently married to Josie LindleyThey have been together for 27 years and the anniversary date is February 11th. As a result of their romantic relationship, their children were born Gianfranco And Lorenzo.

How did Carlos Alcantara and Josie Lindley meet?

In an interview given by the host of “You’re All”, actor Chuka Mandros. Carlos Alcantara He revealed details of how he met his wife today and all the things they lived together for 27 years.

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It was there that he realized she was the woman of his life and met her on the show Bataklon.

I met her through Bataklon. He was sitting at the door Bataklon In Barranco and she came walking down the street in a costume, because she is a contemporary ballerina, at that time she was working in the Ono group and she was going to do a photoshoot, and I saw her come in with a short dress and black wig Wow! I said: Who is he?revealed at that time.

His story was “love at first sight” because -according to “catechin”– He was surprised by the way you greeted when they met again.

Both the actor and the dancer are active on social networks and sometimes even publish photos indicating special dates.

Happy Anniversary, Bold! 27 years together. I love you!Alcantara posted a photo on one occasion.

But Lindley’s response was quick, and she also shared a photo.

Today, 27 years together! Enduring love through thick and thinsaid the dancer.

But the actor is always very affectionate and romantic with his wife and that can be seen from the very beginning of the first part. “Asso Mari”, where Alcantara He dedicated deep words to the mother of his children. “My wife taught me to make love tenderly and without encouragement‘ he said on one occasion.

Who is Josie Lindy?

wife Carlos Alcantara She studied classical ballet and acrobatics at the British Rossina and Sylvia Muller School of Dance.

Co-produced by Grupo UNO: directed by Lucho Peñaherrera and Dany Kanashiro 1989 – 1993; Imakinary Records. magnificence; Volume 45 Complete Collection: Directed by Óscar Naters. Hard Love (1994); Mirella Carboni, Crime at Night (1996); Rapture (1999); Broken Boards (2004); Cecilia Boracino – 100% Body Festival in the French Miraflores Alliance; And – the third woman (2012).

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