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How can the arts improve the well-being of healthcare workers?

In the framework of the program for the summer courses at the University of Cantabria, from 12 to 16 July, the Botín Center and the University Hospital Marqués de Valdecilla organize the course Creativity in Care and Healing: The Arts’ Contributions to Health.

In this session it will be announced How the arts can contribute to improving the well-being of healthcare professionals, So that they are the ones who, in turn, can better care and treat their patients. The course will present a file SaludArte Project It is being developed in Valdecilla Hospital which, since its inception in 2019, strives to improve the well-being (emotional and creative skills) of health and non-health professionals through artistic activities.

This course covers how the arts can contribute to improving the well-being of health professionals

This course is part of a project on creativity, art and health in which the Botín Center and the University Hospital Marqués de Valdecilla collaborate. Main Objectives Son:

  • Knowing and providing an overview of the potential and how to manage the arts, health, and trinomial creativity at the international, national and local levels.
  • Learn about technical projects with direct application in healthcare settings
  • Experience firsthand the benefits of the arts
  • Look for the links between what was learned and what was tested to find direct application in the business and personal sphere

This session is attended by national and international experts from the field Health, Arts and Creativity, Who will present their insight and experience in this matter, to come together to reach conclusions that can help in the daily life of health professionals, not only in caring for patients directly but also in other ways that can contribute to improving the system and healthcare.

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During this course, lectures on practical cases, workshops and technical experiences that respond to the tripartite boundaries will be combined Arts, emotions, and creativityIn this case, focus on direct application in healthcare settings. Each day will have a section dedicated to the current panorama from AdministrationAnd another for Knowledge Examples of projects already underway, to get to a part of them Personal experience And you end up looking for connections with Work environment.

The course is supervised Raphael Tejido Garcia, Director general University Hospital of Marqués de Valdecilla, s Fatma Sanchez Santiago, CEO of L. Putin Center, For 20 hours and aims to Healthcare professionals From sponsorship and management to auxiliary positions, so are everyone interested in the topic, whether or not they have a direct relationship with it.

For more information and registration:
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