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Health opens the door to a joint specialization of emergency and family medicine

Health opens the door to a joint specialization of emergency and family medicine

Published by the Ministry of Health Draft Royal Decree (RD) This establishes the title of specialist in emergency medicine and opens the door to a new specialty “Joint training” With a specialty in family and community medicine.

The Ministry indicates within the text of the research and development project that “The request to establish the specialty of urgent and emergency medicine was approved favorably“, so the government will now begin its formation. The first step, is to publish this project, which is now subject to public consultation. Contributions can be sent between today, September 8, and September 28, 2023.

Two years of joint training

In this way, the arrival of the “long-awaited” specialization for emergency and emergency situations is getting closer and closer. However, health considers it appropriate to have Joint training for two years With Family and Community Medicine, although the choice of specialty is maintained at the beginning of the training period, as stated in the document. Therefore, training in the specialty of family and community medicine is updated.

“Persons who hold a specialized degree in either discipline in the health sciences and who adopt a period of professional practice for After at least five years, they will be able to obtain the title of specialist in the other specialtyThis is done through a competency assessment test and a training period in the new specialty.”

Likewise, they specify competencies From each specialist, that will be different. he Specialized in emergency medicine He will be responsible for “the immediate care of a sick or injured person of any age, performing differential diagnosis and initiating or planning their treatment, before transferring them to other specialists, with the level of care required.”

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For his part he said The scope of work of the specialist in family and community medicine This is done in health centers C.1 with care unit U.68. Emergencies and emergencies, and when necessary, in health centers C.2.5.7 with the care unit U.100 Health transportation (land, air and sea) of the Royal Decree No. 1277 of 2003 dated October 10 relating to determining the general principles for licensing health centres, services and institutions.

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