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Por un mejor país: Estudiantes de Ciencias Médicas realizaron bastión universitario

Havana Tribune

With the aim of strengthening the defense capacity and the political and ideological preparation of students, professors and workers of universities of medical sciences, a fortress for university students was erected on social media, Thursday, in tribute to the sixtieth anniversary of the victory of the University of Medical Sciences. Playa Geron and the Eighth Congress of the Cuban Communist Party.

picture: Minsab

Through video conferences with the revolution’s fighters, the discussion focuses on the country’s defense, national security, and its relationship to the current epidemiological situation.That promotes national, human and anti-imperialist values.

For Fabian Perez Alonso, Secretary General of UJC of the University of Medical Sciences in Havana, Bastion training in Cuban universities plays an essential role in defense preparation tasks in educational, political and ideological work.

It is a contribution to strengthening defense capacity, political and ideological preparation, and fulfilling the proposed mission of students, teachers, and other workers in countering the impacts of the current outbreak of COVID-19.

The academic year in the medical sciences profession is being maintained across the country, based on integrated community work (active research) non-contact classes, said Doctor of Science Fidela Reyes Ubente, Head of the Department of Educational Work and University Extension of MINSAP.

This community work, related to early detection of positive cases, is included in the educational curricula of future health professionals, however, prior to COVID-19 it was included in two semesters of careers to screen for patients with diseases such as dengue or Zika.

Students can access educational content from Virtual Health University and Virtual Classroom for free and without the use of mobile data, as these pillars use the Infomed platform.

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From the first year to the fifth, students remain in an active field of research, specialists in basic biomedical sciences and interns have been linked to work in the red zone and those in core disciplines continue their residency.

picture: Minsab

As for the subjects that require teachers, you will receive the content as soon as the epidemiological situation improves, because the purpose of the school year is to continue, without neglecting the quality of the educational process, the doctor insisted.

A student stronghold of office No. 33 in the “José Martí” dispensary in Camaguey

“Although the COVID-19 pandemic is a negative thing, it affects the training of students, as it enhances the human profession and the love for the profession, which is fundamental to every Cuban health professional.”

picture: Minsab

Currently, in 13 universities of medical sciences, two independent colleges, and in the private municipality of Isla de la Juventud, 94,681 students are enrolled in medical education, of whom 88 thousand 028 are Cubans and 6 thousand 653 are foreigners.

(taken from Minsab)

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