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Govt, UK Herd Towards Immunity: 40 Million Vaccines Administered | Pubs and shops reopen

Government relaxes restrictions: Country emerges from third lockout

The reopening begins Monday On the issue of herd immunity, not all experts agree. Meanwhile, London has introduced a restart plan. Essentials stores reopen on Mondays: hairdressers, gyms, pubs and restaurants. This will gradually emerge from the third lock imposed on the UK. According to Downing Street, the “return to normal life” will take place on June 21.

Fears of experts National data confirms the declining trend of cases and daily deaths to 1,730 and just 7, respectively (although due to the regular partial statistical delay over the weekend). But experts say there are those who point out that infections (up to 60 cases certified by tampons per 100 thousand people) have not yet been confirmed, with the risk of reopening in private regions of the country, including some districts in the north of England, especially if explained in detail by people, and the ease with which locking is inevitably considered acceptable. To some extent triggers re-infection.

Government: “The threat is not over” Boris Johnson’s government and the administration’s scientific advisers are downplaying this time, swearing that they want to continue the journey by noticing “not data and dates”, but more than measuring your safety without renewing appeals to the public.

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