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Google trick to find out if a missed call is a scam or spam

Google trick to find out if a missed call is a scam or spam

Tricks to know if a missed call is spam. (Andean)Source: Andina

It is normal every day that our cell phone receives different calls from unknown numbers, which can come from a traditional mobile phone or landline phone. However, sometimes these communications have the advantage that once they are answered, the person immediately hangs up.

Luckily, Android, a mobile operating system developed by Google, has functions To protect users from this type of unwanted calls. Which is usually done for commercial purposes to find out the user's time availability and bombard them with spam.

despite of It is important to note that identifying the number as spam At first glance, it is very complicated Sometimes rejecting all incoming calls from strangers may result in lost opportunities.

Although What many people do when faced with this question is call back.There are more effective ways to find out who owns the number in question without having to pick up the phone.

Android users have powerful tools to combat spam calls. (Reuters)

Android has two features to protect users from unwanted business calls: Caller ID and spam call filtering.

The first is activated by default It allows you to see information about people or companies calling whose numbers do not appear in your contact book.

It should be noted that the caller ID shows the name Companies and services that have a file in Google my businessthe service through which companies and commercial institutions appear on various maps and guides.

Google has integrated features like caller ID and spam call filtering. (picture information)

Although in this case, Google does not have access to the user's contact list, however You receive information about the calls to determine whether they are spam or not. So the user sees on the screen the name of the company the call is coming from and decides whether he is interested in answering or not.

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As for the spam call filter, it must be activated by the user So that unwanted business calls and voice messages stop entering your device.

While they are registered in the call log, The call number and time will appear next to the warning icon The term spam call.

To activate this option it is necessary:

– Open the application phone On mobile phone.

– Click on the icon More options (The three vertical dots).

– He chooses Settings And then Caller ID and spam.

– Check the option Show caller ID Spam is activated.

– activation Filter spam calls.

The Android Caller ID app works by default, providing users with details about the caller's identity, even if the number in question is not in their contacts list. (picture information)

While if you receive a call that Google does not mark as spam, but appears to be spam, it is possible to notify them with these steps:

– Open the application phone.

– tap on Recently At the bottom.

– Pin it The phone number you want to report.

– In the drop-down menu, click Block or mark as spam.

iPhone users have Silence Strangers mode. (picture information)

Apple allows users to silence incoming calls from unknown numbersbut this option affects more than random calls.

To activate it you need:

– Walk to Settings from iPhone

– He chooses phone.

– Scroll down and click Dumb strangers Activate the scroll bar.

For a more effective filter Required to download applications such as TrueCallerWhich has the ability to identify the source of incoming calls thanks to the fact that it has an almost established community 370 million users around the world.

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All of them can submit reports Spam emails They received, so that the application The indicated numbers can be recognized.