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Google services that will change their terms from June 1, how will they affect you?  |  Techno Doctor |  magazine

Google services that will change their terms from June 1, how will they affect you? | Techno Doctor | magazine

Google will make adjustments to some of its products, including Google Photos, Gmail, and Google Drive.

In November of last year, Google announced that it would make adjustments to some of its products such as Google Photos, Gmail, and Google Drive (Including Google Jamboard, Sites, Docs, Sheets, Presentations, Drawings, and Forms).

The company stated that these changes It will come into effect on June 1 These will be reflected in Accounts that are inactive or exceed the available space quota for two years Or more, that is, the consequences of this amendment will be clear from 2023.

Google’s free storage quota is 15 GB, It includes user-owned content in Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. Once all that space is used up, if more is required, a membership must be contracted with Google One, the storage service the company has owned since 2018.

The effects of running out of space

The moment the user runs out of space You will not be able to continue uploading files or photos from Google Drive, And you cannot backup photos or videos in original quality to Google Photos.

According to details provided by Google, until June 1, all multimedia content saved in “high quality” (which is a resolution lower than the original resolution) will not take up space. However, after this date, the photos and videos are saved in any kind of quality (high or original). You will occupy the storage quota.

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Even though the user runs out of space, he will be able to continue to access his Google account, You may not be able to send or receive emails using Gmail. To solve it, the option is to free up space and delete emails, multimedia content, files, etc. that you no longer need or Get more space on Google One.

Other consequences

Those who exceeded the space quota two years ago or more and did not empty or buy more space, They might lose all their Gmail, Drive and Photo content. The same thing will happen if you have an account that has been inactive for two years or more, that is, if you do not use it. The simplest way to keep your data active is to visit Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive periodically.

But Google will not delete the content without first sending a notification via email. The company explains in its terms and conditions, That the user will be contacted at least three months in advance The requirements for the content to be deleted are met.

How to free up space on Google Drive?

A person may also have a chance Clean up content you don’t need or buy more space so your files are protected. Another option is to download all the files in Google services so you have a backup copy. (I)