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Goal and Synopsis: Tepatitlan 1-0 Atlético Morelia in the first leg of the Guard1anes expansion tournament 2021 | 05/12/2021

15 minutes ago

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5:17 PM 16 minutes ago

Objective and Summary


5:12 PM 21 minutes ago

Tepatitlan defeats Morelia in Jalisco

6:07 PM 26 minutes ago

90 + 5 ‘

game over! Tepatitlan 1-0 Atletico Morelia

6:02 PM 31 minutes ago

90 + 4 ‘

Almost! Tiba’s counterattack ends with a shot by Luis Morales coming out from the side. It looked for more theatricality.

5:57 PM 36 minutes ago

90 ‘

Five minutes have been added.

5:52 PM 41 minutes ago

86 ‘

Head of Arturo Ledesma controlled by Andrés Sánchez without much problem.

5:47 p.m. an hour ago

77 ‘

New Morelia Movement: Hernan Pineda replaces Gael Acosta.

5:42 p.m. an hour ago

74 ‘

Tepatitlan latest modifications: Enter Javier Hernandez, Luis Torres, Angel Tecbankatel and Victor Manion.

5:32 PM an hour ago

65 ‘

Angel Tecbankatel was awarded a yellow card in exchange for injury to an elbow on Lewis Perez.

5:27 p.m. an hour ago

62 ‘

Double change from Morelia: Eduardo Del Angel and Kevin Magana enter for Diego Martinez and Diego Jimenez.

5:22 p.m. an hour ago


Headed, after a corner kick by Luis Morales, Sergio Ceballos took the lead over Alteños on the scoreboard.

5:12 p.m. an hour ago

52 ‘

New Tepatitlan change: Luis Morales replaces Juan Angolo.

5:07 pm an hour ago

46 ‘

First Tititlan movement: Francisco entered Medina for Christian Gonzalez.

5:02 PM two hours ago

45 ‘

The second half begins!

3:57 PM 2 hours ago

45 + 3 ‘

The first half ends!

3:52 PM 2 hours ago

45 ‘

Three minutes added.

3:47 PM 2 hours ago

42 ‘

Andres Sanchez! The local goalkeeper put up with his legs, a Gael Acosta shot.

4:42 pm two hours ago

31 ‘

A great group play by Tititlan ends with a skewed shot by Victor Manion.

3:37 PM two hours ago

28 ‘

Sergio Ceballos shot after the aid of Luis Marquez who was dominated by Alejandro Arana with both hands. Morelia continues to save herself.

3:32 p.m. two hours ago

25 ‘

The meeting pauses for a minute of dryness.

3:27 pm two hours ago

24 ‘

Spider! Alejandro reaches out and blocks Pavel Perez’s amazing shot.

4:22 PM two hours ago

21 ‘

The first yellow card in the match goes to Gail Acosta for a powerful tackle on Luis Robles.

4:17 pm two hours ago

20 ‘

Close! Good service from Angel Tecpanicatel Victor Manion couldn’t finish in front of goal. Tepatitlán still excelled.

4:12 pm 2 hours ago

14 ‘

Almost! A powerful shot from Luis Marquez is rejected by Alejandro Arana, with complications.

4:02 PM 3 hours ago

5 ‘

A powerful shot by Victor Manion from outside the area, Alejandro Arana wore it with both hands.

3:57 PM 3 hours ago

0 ‘

Final begins!

3:52 PM 3 hours ago

There will be close to 3,000 spectators at Tiba Gómez

3 hours ago

Alternatives to Atletico Morelia

Nunez E. Loeschbor, D. Gallegos, S. Vázquez, D. Cortés, K. Magaña, H. Pineda, L. Rodríguez and E. del ngel.

3 hours ago

Alternatives to Tepatitlán FC

Aguilar de Aguinaga, F Ponce, F Medina, El Morales, A. Juarez, El Torres, A. Valades, J. Hernandez, de Medina.

3 hours ago

The confirmed Atlético Morelia squad

a. Arana A. Ledesma (C), J. Vega, U. Zurita, V. Milke, W. Mejía, L. Pérez, D. Martínez, E. Pérez, G. Acosta and D. Jiménez.

3 hours ago

The confirmed line-up for Tepatitilán FC

a. Sanchez; S. Ceballos, S. Castañeda, Á. Tecpanécatl, C. González, P. Pérez, L. Robles, L. Márquez, E. Rivera (C), V. Mañón, and J. Angulo.

3 hours ago

And so the Tepatitlan family of players arranged the dressing room

3 hours ago

Do not get separated from here

3 hours ago

Where and how to watch the Tepatitlan vs Atletico Morelia match online and live

3:12 PM 3 hours ago

Atletico Morelia latest squad

a. Arana A. Ledesma (C), J. Vega, U. Zurita, V. Milke, W. Mejía, L. Pérez, D. Martínez, E. Pérez, G. Acosta and D. Jiménez.

4 hours ago 3:02 PM

Quartet arbitration

The central referee will be Jorge Camacho. Eder Contreras, first line; Jose Sanchez second assistant and Abraham Kwirt fourth whistle.

4 hours ago 2:57 PM

Canary Islands, to continue driving

4 hours ago 2:52 PM

Alteños, to take advantage

2:47 p.m. 4 hours ago

The grand final begins between Tepatitlan and Morelia

2:42 p.m. 4 hours ago

Good evening to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the Tepatitlán FC vs Atlético Morelia live broadcast, opposite the first-leg match of the Guard1anes 2021 Final from Liga Expansión MX. The meeting will take place at Gregorio Gomez Stadium at 5:00 pm.