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Revealing why Uriel Antona is in doubt

Revealing why Uriel Antona is in doubt

The focus is on the trade-off, and if it continues like this, it will last for a few more days. While everything looks like Sebastian Cordova You have already coordinated your access to Guadalajara Chivas, rumors that Auriel Antona Keep your doubts to reachGo to the Eagles of America, continue to circulate in soccer stove.

+ All movements heading towards closing +

At first it turned out that it was only a matter of time. According to the publication of RÉCORD newspaper, the foundation’s board of directors blue cream, in theory, it was believed that the player flock They will inform their consent to the exchange, once they participate in the friendship that Mexico’s choice You have to deal with it Chile in a Q2 . Stadium.

However, Mediotiempo revealed that there will be a specific cause that has more to do with football. apparently, American Eagles they reported Auriel Antona That, at least in the beginning, he will not have a guaranteed ownership in the team scheme led by the Argentine strategist Santiago Solari.

They should have told him that he should fight his position in the field Renato Ibarra And Leonardo Suarez (Two items are known to be in negotiable condition) and that if one or both of those items were moved, they would have to dispute their space with an outside player.

Economic disputes will be resolved

Although the distance will continue in the sports plane, American Eagles and environment Auriel Antona They had already found the right place for contractual differences. According to the media outlet Mediotempo Foundation, blue cream The player had already solved the economic aspect.

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