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He must sell Chivas and Vergara and the last blow that shows the club deserves it

He must sell Chivas and Vergara and the last blow that shows the club deserves it

Chivas are worth it and Vergara throws the final blow for the team

That was great chivas. The last great hit of Amaury Vergara To the Chivas and especially to their fans, who consider that an offensive boost is needed, but not in the extreme but a creative boost.

For this reason, Mexican Fan also demanded the issue of reinforcements and their possession Rodolfo Pizarro as a major player. In this sense, journalist David Medrano exposed the case and it turned out that the salary was the discrepancy for which Pizarro did not sign.

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The source stated that Rodolfo is present Guadalajara Some days, waiting for a concrete response regarding the issue of their employment, however, an arrangement from the financial side never came. Thus, Vergara showed that the team was worth it and gave it to Monterrey, the club that practically closed it.

How much did Rodolfo Pizarro want to earn in Chivas?

According to TUDN, the player was reduced by 50 percent of his income, that is, if he won two million dollars in MLS, Pizarro was willing to win one million dollars, but in Chivas they did not accept.

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