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Germany: The "traffic lights" alliance is progressing to determine the successor of Angela Merkel, with the dilemma of who will take an important ministry

Germany: The “traffic lights” alliance is progressing to determine the successor of Angela Merkel, with the dilemma of who will take an important ministry

Co-leaders of Germany’s Green Party, Robert Habeck and Annalina Barbock, and the leading candidate for SPD chancellor, Olaf Schulz, listen to FDP leader Christian Lindner (Photo: REUTERS/Annegret Hilse)

The Possible coalition government for Social Democrat Olaf Schultz The official round of negotiations will enter with the dilemma of who will take over the Ministry of FinanceLiberals and Greens aspire to this, because this is a major portfolio not only at the national level, but also What the country represents for Europe.

The leadership of the German Liberal Party (FDP) gave the green light to Formal coalition negotiations begin, having done so yesterday, Sunday, the ecologist’s party, almost unanimously and in a reduced form of conference, and At the age of fifteen he received the approval of the Social Democratic leadership.

“We’re going to take responsibility in Germany”This was stated by the leader of the Free Democratic Party, Christian LindnerWhen reporting the decision taken by his party. It assumes the initial agreement ratified by the three formations concerned “An opportunity to modernize Germany”, but also “challenge”.

It is not a “desirable coalition,” added Lindner, who made clear that both on the campaign trail and after the Social Democrats won the general election. His preferred option was to ally with the defeated conservative bloc He led in this election before Armin Laschet.

“With us, there will be no left turn, but a middle government.”He emphasized the insistence, above and beyond prior agreement, on “Big differencesAnd they will continue to exist “In the future”.

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Lindner, who in 2017 abandoned the chancellor’s attempts Angela Merkel To form a trio with the Liberals and the Greens, consider now that the situation is “very differentpointed to “building atmosphereIt was achieved from the first polling contacts with the Green Party.

Olaf Schulz is the leading candidate for Germany's next chancellor (Image: REUTERS/Michel Tantoussi)
Olaf Schulz is the leading candidate for Germany’s next chancellor (Image: REUTERS/Michel Tantoussi)

Connection Traffic Lights Alliance – the colors that distinguish the three sides, red for the Social Democratic Party, yellow for FDP and Verdi For ecologists – it is practical The only viable option After the results of the general election on September 26.

The Social Democrats, who got 25.7%, have to count on the Greens – 14.8% – and the Liberals – with 11.5% – to get the parliamentary majority they need. The Christian Democratic Union of Laschet (CDU-CSU) had its worst result ever in a national election – 24.1% – and plunged into an internal struggle for its renewal.

Lindner declined to answer the main question of who would get the funding, arguing — already raised by Schulze and Greens co-chair Robert Habeck — that The issue of portfolio distribution will be resolved in the last stage once the contents are determined.

The liberal leader has already made clear, on his campaign trail, his aspiration to fill that portfolio. His direct rival on this pulse is Habek, who defends the opposing lines of the FDP on tax matters.

Lindner was able to enforce this statement in the initial agreement There will be no tax increaseIt is one of his red lines for entering the government as well as defending austerity. Habeck is questioning the debt brakes and considering relief from the Stability Treaty due to the extraordinary burdens created by the coronavirus pandemic.

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The pre-agreement with which formal negotiations will open, expected to begin next Friday, includes goals defined as inalienable for the three potential partners: An increase in the minimum wage among professionals – a pillar of SPD – and a green energy transition – for environmentalists – and a zero financial increase – for the FDP -. But also some concessions, such as imposing a general speed limit on roads and highways, as the Greens wanted.

Christian Lindner, leader of the Liberal Party, aspires to be finance minister (Image: REUTERS/Annegret Heels)
Christian Lindner, leader of the Liberal Party, aspires to be finance minister (Image: REUTERS/Annegret Heels)

Today, Lindner insisted on the need to maintain the rule of secrecy as essential to the successful completion of negotiations. However, he slipped himself this weekend Proposal to establish a Ministry of Climate, which was quickly interpreted as an “offer” for the Greens or a commitment in exchange for the Liberals keeping the funding.

The only position that appears to be clearly assigned is the position of chancellor, for Schultz, the finance minister and vice-chancellor in Hezbollah’s last major coalition. Angela Merkel. For the position of Head of Foreign Affairs, the Green Party candidate and co-chair of the party are being considered along with Habek. Anna Barbock.

Today the chancellor answered the same question about the possibility of making the Stability Pact more flexible with a phrase that could be for Lindner. “The Stability Pact, as it is, already provides sufficient margins,” he said in an appearance with Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

And the German chancellor added: “I’m not very excited about the possibilities of changing it.” “It has sufficient mechanisms and is flexible enough to face problems such as those caused by the epidemic‘ Beetle agreed.

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“For the next government, it will undoubtedly be necessary to properly address this issue.”Merkel stressed.

(With information from EFE)

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